The Difference Between Deodorant And Antiperspirant


Basically, deodorant don't stop us from sweating or perspiring they just fight the body odor by killing odor-causing bacteria living on our skin. So, the sweat is not responsible for the unpleasant body scent. In fact sweat is nearly odorless.
When bacteria feed on the uric acid in sweat it causes the odor.Briefly, deodorant kill the bacteria, No bacteria No odor.


Antiperspirants are designed to prevent us from sweating thanks to the active ingredients like aluminum and parabens.When you put an antiperspirant the aluminum seep into your pores and plug the sweat ducts, and that's what reduce the amount of sweat that reaches the surface of the skin.

So, what to choose: Deodorant Or Antiperspirant.

Thats totally depends on you and your physical nature,If you are a heavy sweater or an active person you must choose antiperspirant.But, if you don't sweat a lot and just want to avoid the unpleasant odor, deodorant will work perfectly for you.However, some people use deodorant/antiperspirant for much more confidence and better results.

If you are still looking for a better deodorant you can always check this list of the best deodorant for men.

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